Shiatsu Yoga™

Shiatsu Pairs 3B

Shiatsu Yoga™ is a revolutionary fusion of two ancient healing arts developed by world renowned shiatsu master Shinzo Fujimaki. It can be practiced on land or water; as an individual or as a group in a studio. Advanced practitioners are able to provide deeper therapy through intuitive interaction with a partner in a synchronized flow.

Shiatsu Yoga is based on a combination of Shiatsu, Yoga and QiGong with the intention of creating harmony between heaven and earth.  Once energy channels are opened up to the power of nature (5 Elements Theory), the body and mind can not only heal itself, but overcome specific challenges resulting in the creation of a positive future.


Beginner Level 1

  1. Students learn how to breath from the Dan Tien (body center) and flow through the major meridians – Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel. Visualize the breath flows through the entire body and opening up tothe heaven and the earth.
  2. Students learn how to stretch the each 12 meridians with shiatsu acupressure points.  In each stretches are coming from the center of the body (Dan Tien)
  3. Students never uses force to stretch into tension, rather flows around the tension and relaxes into it.  Because of it, often those stretches are different in each student.


When you face tension, you don’t search outside for the right stretch or pressure, in fact, you close your eyes and become aware and sensitive to your own flow of energy inside.


Intermediate Level 2:

The next level of practice focuses on going deeper, becoming more keenly in tune with your body’s internal rhythms. This also requires a more academic understanding of the meridians and the 5 Elements Theory so that you can understand how to diagnose blockages and heal your body by applying Shiatsu Yoga for healing.

  1. Trust (appreciate and love) the power of the nature (which heal itself).
    • In Shiatsu Yoga, one of the most important things is positive visualization (vibrant health).
    • Oriental philosophy believes that our body and mind are part of this universe and nature so students are visualizing and inviting the power of nature into the own body and mind while stretching the specific meridians.
    • In each meridian connect the element in the nature such as heart meridian is the connecting the sun which is the fire element.
  2. Trust the own healing energy.
    • Energy has deep inner wisdom like water flowing around a rock.  Water is not at all fighting against the rock — aware of the rock yet it keeps flowing smoothly around the rock — eventually the rock will become a part of the flow, “one with the energy”.
    • Acceptance and awareness become friends and rock (your old patterns) learns how to relax and release old unnecessary tension.  Students are encouraged to stretch the direction “feeling good” and never force to stretch into the certain direction.

Advanced Level

Now students learn how to stretch with a partner.

  1. While student is stretching the meridian, a giver watch and support the stretch little more with Shiatsu acupressure points.  Important point for a giver is to support and encourage the receiver instead of correcting.  A giver steps in the center of the receiver and create the harmony together to enhance the healing power.
  2. While receiver is relaxing into the gentle meridian stretches (Yin Yoga), a giver do shiatsu for the major points such as back Yu points.