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Shinzo EASY Prayer 1

Train with World Renowned Shiatsu Master Shinzo Fujimaki.

Shiatsu Yoga™ is an innovative fusion of two ancient healing arts providing a unique methodology for therapists and individual practitioners alike. For more than two decades, Shinzo Fujimaki has been training professional healers and physical therapists at the world’s most prestigious wellness centers. Shiatsu Yoga can be practiced on land or in water. E.A.S.Y.™ (Energetic Aquatic Shiatsu Yoga) is performed in a warm therapeutic pool.

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2015-2016 Training Calendar

November 2015 – Switzerland — Les Bains de Lavey

11/14-19 Shiatsu 1 Les Bains de Lavey Suisse
11/21 E.A.S.Y. Les Bains de Lavey Suisse
11/21-26 Shiatsu 2 Les Bains de Lavey Suisse
11/27-12/4 estimated Private Sessions Les Bains de Lavey Suisse


January 2016 — Florida Keys — Minakshi’s Island Studio

Fire & Water 1:     (Aquatic Shiatsu) Shinzo & Minakshi
1/15-17 Clinical Ai Chi     (E.A.S.Y.) Shinzo & Minakshi
1/17-22 Fire & Water 2: (Aquatic Shiatsu) Shinzo & Minakshi
1/24-29 Fire & Water 3: (Aquatic Shiatsu) Shinzo & Minakshi


March — Shinzo is On Tour in Japan

Schedule is To Be Determined. Please contact for more info.